Crayfish field excursion


Don´t miss the opportunity to continue the study of European crayfish with a post-conference excursion to Spain´s beautiful southern CITIES of GRANADA AND SEVILLE, and to NATIONAL PARKS OF DOÑANA AND TABLAS DE DAIMIEL

After departing from Madrid the morning of September 9, enjoy a free afternoon exploring the amazing city of GRANADA. Granada is a city known interesting history of Arabic-influenced architecture, and of course THE ALHAMBRA. That night, enjoy a guided tour of the famous Alhambra, a beautiful palace kept under Muslim rule until the Spanish Reconquista in 1492.




The day of the 10th includes a visit to a Natural Park to observe THE SOUTHERN EUROPEAN NATIVE POPULATIONS OF AUSTRAPOTAMOBIUS PALLIPES CRAYFISH in their natural habitat. If you didn´t get enough of the beautiful Alhambra don´t worry, because dinner that night will be in a restaurant with views overlooking the palace and its surrounding gardens ( The next day, the excursion will head to DOÑANA NATIONAL PARK for additional crayfish observation (this time productive fields of Procambarus clarkii), in addition to a crayfish tasting.




From the Doñana National Park, the group will move to Seville that also of Arabic influence. Enjoy a free day in the gorgeous city with dinner on the river. Before ending the excursion in our way to Madrid we will visit the TABLAS DE DAIMIEL NATIONAL PARK