Practical information


The RGB has a history spanning more than 260 years, and it is located in the historic center of Madrid within walking distance to the world-famous Prado, Tyssen, and Reina Sofia art museums. Many hotel options in the vicinity make the Garden a convenient place to host a conference. Close by there are many subway and bus stations, Madrid´s main train station Atocha Renfe, and different options for travel to and from the Barajas airport. More information on directions to the RGB can be found below.




Hotel Radisson**** Calle Moratin 52 Plaza de Platerias Martinez 28014

NH Madrid Nacional**** Paseo del Prado, 48, 28014‎

Hotel Paseo del Arte**** Calle Atocha 123, 28014

Catalonia Atocha**** Atocha, 81, 28012

NH Madrid Atocha*** Paseo Infanta Isabel, 9, 28014

Hostal Buelta** Calle Dr. Drumen, 4, 28012

Hotel Mora** Paseo del Prado, 32, 28014




Real Jardín Botanico/Royal Botanical Garden, Plaza de Murillo, 2, 28014 Madrid

The entrance to the SYMPOSIUM will be located on Claudio Moyano Street at Research building. This entrance is used exclusively by delegates, personnel of the institution and visiting researchers. This is not to be confused with the only public entrance for visitors to the Garden that is through the Murillo Gate (Puerta de Murillo), situated in front of the Prado Museum in the Murillo Plaza (la Plaza de Murillo).


Paseo del Prado (Street of the Prado): 10, 14, 27, 34, 37, 45
Plaza del Emperador Carlos V (Plaza of Emperor Carlos V): 6, 19, 26, 32, 59, 85, 86, C1, C2
Plaza de Cibeles (Plaza of Cibeles): 1, 2, 202, 3, 5, 9, 15, 20, 51, 52, 53, 74, 146, 150

Cercanías Renfe Atocha/Chamartín

C-3 Chamartín/ Aranjuez, estación Atocha
C-4 Chamartín/ Parla, estación Atocha
C-5 Móstoles del Doto / Atocha / Fuenlabrada / Humanes
C-8 Atocha / Villalba
C-8a Atocha / El Escorial
C-8b Atocha / Cercedilla
C-10 Villalba / P.Pío / Atocha / Chamartín / Tres Cantos

Line 1: Pinar de Chamartín/Valdecarros, Atocha and Atocha Renfe stations
Line 2: Cuatro Caminos/La Elipa, Banco de España station

The Royal Botanical Garden does not have its own parking lot or parking service. The closest public parking lots are the following:
Atocha Station, Plaza Emperador Carlos V s/n, 28012 Madrid
Plaza Cortes, Plaza Cortes, 5 28014 Madrid





By early September the intense heat of summer is mostly gone, but it´s not yet cold. It´s best to check the forecast before you began packing for more specific temperatures, but in general September is less extreme than summer and winter months. That being said, Spain is a generally warm country and there´s a chance that some summer heat will continue into September. The sun in Spain is very strong, which creates a larger temperature change between day and night than you might be used to, especially because Madrid is located at a relatively high altitude. Expect the days to be hot, dry, and sunny, and the nights to be cooler with pleasant temperatures.

The Spanish way of life entails a daily schedule that is distinct compared to many other countries. In general, breakfast is a light meal eaten in the morning. Lunch is the main meal of the day, typically a big meal eaten anywhere from 2-4 pm. Some stores may close from 2-5 pm. Dinner is eaten late, anywhere past 9 pm, and is a smaller meal. Because of this food schedule, businesses and especially restaurants close later at night and might open later in the morning than you´re used to.
The food schedule at the conference will follow a pattern more similar to a mid-day lunch and earlier dinner than the Spanish schedule. Check the schedule for any specific questions you may have about meal timing.
Typical Spanish food is a diet of fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and grains and is very healthy. Almost every Spanish dish is cooked with olive oil, an important product of the country. Meat, especially ham, is a big part of the Spanish diet but in a city as diverse as Madrid it´s possible to find food for vegetarians and for other dietary restrictions. There are many restaurant options in Madrid and it is possible to find the type of food you´re looking for!


The official language in Madrid is Spanish, but many people speak English and almost every restaurant has English menus. Although you´ll be able to get by just fine speaking English, it´s a good idea to learn how to say basic things in Spanish (Hello, thank you, please, excuse me, do you speak English?, goodbye). Try to be sensitive to language barriers, and respect that you´re in a Spanish-speaking country for the week. Not all phrases have the same meaning when translated, and not everyone will have the same level of English.

It´s the custom in Spain to greet someone with two cheek-kisses, depending on the level of professionalism you have with the person you´re greeting. Shaking hands is more common among men and in more formal settings. Don´t worry about greeting someone the “right” way, just don´t be surprised if they go in for two kisses!

People in Spain dress nicely, similar to the rest of Europe. Check the weather before packing to get an idea of what sorts of clothes you´ll need to bring, and bring layers in case it´s cooler at night than you´re expecting.